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Crisis Containment

When it comes to a corporate crisis, many companies typically believe one of two things:

  1. Crisis is unlikely to ever happen to their organization
  2. They have the right resources in place to handle a crisis situation, should one arise

The tricky thing about crisis is that it is usually an unpredictable event, and only few companies are adequately equipped to handle the internal and external damages that can result.

A corporate crisis can be triggered by a macro-event, internal miscommunication, poorly tweeted words, a bad online review, product, recall, or even a disappointing quarter in terms of sales … the possibilities are endless and the consequences can affect share price, reputation, consumer base, bottom line and overall value. The actions you take in the early days of a crisis are of upmost important for your company. When your company and management team are in the spotlight, every message you send out will be dissected.

CannabisNewsWire’s (CNW) goal is to contain the situation as quickly as possible, and effectively address every angle of the situation to minimize damage and keep your operations running smoothly.

We help our clients contain the crisis from the get-go, offering a panel of advisory experts who can help craft management response and evaluate what steps to take next. With the right strategy and resources, CNW executes aggressive damage control to limit the bad publicity and guide brand reconstruction.

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