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Presentation Material

Corporate presentation materials include media kits, white papers, business kits, PowerPoint templates, business cards and other materials that showcase your business and its capabilities. They are designed to show existing and potential customers (or investors) that you are qualified to handle their business or investment, as well as demonstrate the uniqueness of your brand.

Professionally prepared materials should center on your company, but always have the audience in mind. Your presentation can make a lasting impression by following the basic guidelines for optimal success shown below.


Each item in your business kit, proposal packet and other marketing materials should be branded the same way. Keep the logo and color scheme consistent throughout, and use a clean theme that pulls everything together in a professional manner.

Wow Factor

A “wow” factor makes your company memorable. Look for ways to make your business stand out. You could design a business kit that speaks to current trends, incorporates pop culture, or simply use cutting-edge fonts and images. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

Be Trendy

Explore the latest printing trends, styles and colors, and any popular developments or themes. The most successful businesses annually update their presentation materials to keep them fresh and relevant.

Be Professional

Your materials should be designed by someone who understands effective advertising. Impressive presentation materials give your customers confidence in doing business with you. If potential clients see that you take pride in your work and employ strong measures to produce exceptional materials, they are more likely to believe that you will do excellent work for them as well. Professional materials also speak volumes to potential investors.

At CannabisNewsWire (CNW) we are committed to making sure our clients always put their best foot forward. With a seasoned staff of professionals, we draft highly focused materials of the highest standard. There is no room for subpar in our own brand, and we believe there isn’t any room for it in yours either. Call us today to learn more about creating presentation materials for your business that will quickly grab investors and the public’s attention.

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