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Even before a single investor signs, your business must bring a good story to the table. Startups know their own origin story but many do not know the importance of keeping it true, keeping it alive, and building on it as the company matures. Your story should be crafted and told with a real purpose in mind. Whether it’s sharing an inspiring creation story or an exciting development in the company’s progression, you’re telling that story because it’s an essential tool to help others connect with you. Telling your story with purpose, in a way that truly resonates with people, can motive others to action. Companies unable to articulate their own story can be perceived as simply a no-name, faceless behemoth or a wannabe, a nobody in a babble of voices cluttering up the media-sphere.

CannabisNewsWire and its team of communication experts are here to help you sift through the din and tell your story in a way that not only rings true, but gets results. Our director of audio interviews crafts an environment that places subjects at ease, coaxing out and inviting the best, most essential elements of a company’s back story and elevating its most important recent news. Smith’s friendly interview skills are appreciated by countless publicly traded company executives because the interaction is conducted professionally and with a significant amount of preparatory work that makes a difference in the final product.

Our communication team will help compile a list of questions and make salient suggestions for a successful interview – which, for some newcomers to the rapidly changing face of today’s media environment, can be a daunting task. Investors are able to hear your story directly from management, giving company leaders the opportunity to articulate the one-on-one impact their story and successful ventures can make in a world overloaded with cookie-cutter ads and “look at me” posts on social media.

Along with an audio interview, CannabisNewsWire distributes a press release to top-tier financial websites in conjunction with an article highlighting portions of your interview to over 5,000 strategic distribution points. Links to the interview and other articles on your CannabisNewsWire page are included, prompting readers and listeners to learn more. Everything published through CannabisNewsWire receives the benefit of expert editing before mass distribution, which protects against the dreaded “correction.”

Now’s the time to finetune your story, to make certain it resonates, to transcend above today’s competitive landscape by creating a brand that truly makes an impact. People really do love a good story and CannabisNewsWire is here to help you tell yours.

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